2006 SCHEDULE : Winners

May   5  - (Mike Astrauskas)
       26 -  (Steve Irwin)
June   9 - (Wayne Morrison)
       23 -  (Mark Irwin)
       30 -  (Kyle Simon)
July  21 -  (Tim Lowe)
Aug. 11 -   (Kyle Simon)
Sept   1 -   (Kyle Simon)
         8 -(rain out)
   22,23,24  Corn Harvest  (Gregg Dalman)
        29,30 - (rain out)
Top 20 Point Standings
As of  10-18-06

Position - Car #  -  Points

1. 00 Joe Irwin 380
2. 3A Mike Astrauskas 378
3. 18 Mark Irwin 340
4. 9 Jim Heeney 332
5. 55 Kirk Cheney 310
6. 82 Nick Landon 306
7. 66 Ernie Kuhnamen 298
8. 23S Kyle Simon 296
9. 31 Andy Teunessen 254
10. 54J Joel Hummel 246
11. 4 Wayne Morrison 196
12. F0 Steve Irwin 184
13. 3W Jim Wohlfeil 180
14. 8 Tim Champlin 166
15. 33 Bill Johnson 154
16. 4L Tim Lowe 142
17. 2 Mike Galajda 114
18. 49T Greg Dalman 112
19. 50 John Lowe 102
20. 10 Jason Blonde 86


Joe Irwin wins 2006 Point Championship and rookie of the year.

Gregg Dalman Wins Corn Harvest at Mid-Michigan Raceway

Rain Takes Season Championship Night At I-96 Speedway.

From Mudclodbob: Season championship night for non-wing sprint cars at I-96 Speedway was rained out after one lap of the feature had been completed with Kirk Cheney in the lead. With a full moon visible in the east, thunder, lightning and rain raced in from the west and put a damper on the evening. Kirk Cheney and Mike Galajda won heats over the 17 car field.

Non-Wing Sprints - Mid-Michigan Racewaypark
9th Annual "Corn Harvest"
September 22nd, 23rd, & 24th

The father and son team of Steve and Kyle Simon made the long tow from Covington, Ohio to Michigan's I-96 Speedway worthwhile Friday night, as son Kyle won the 20 lap non-wing feature.

At the drop of the green, front row starter Nick Landon jumped out to the lead with Kyle Simon falling in behind and Ernie Kuhnamen JR. third.

On the restart, after a lap two caution for a tangle between Jim Wohfeil and Charles Muste, Mike Galajda pulled a slide slide job on Kuhnamen for the third spot.

Simon took the point on the 9th lap but a caution negated that pass. On the 11th circuit Simon took to the high side and got around Landon for the lead.

Lap 15 saw Mike Galajda, making only his second non-wing start, move into 2nd place, past Landon. Meanwhile action was torrid for positions four through nine with some close wheel to wheel action.

It looked as if Galajda might have something for Simon, but Simon went on to take the win over Galajda , Landon, Morrison and Kuhnamen in an entertaining feature.

Eighteen wingless warriors signed into the pits for racing action on the well prepared 1/4 mile track on a cool evening.

The Simon's teamed up for the two heat races in nearly identical cars, with Steve taking the first and Kyle winning heat number two.

20 Lap Feature.

1) Kyle Simon
2) Mike Galajda
3) Nick Landon
4) Wayne Morrison
5) Ernie Kuhnamen JR.
6) John Lowe
7) Steve Simon
8) Jim Heeney
9) Joe Irwin
10) Tim Lowe
11) Kirk Cheney
12) Mike Elliot
13) Mike Astrauskas
14)Joel Hummel
15) Chris Bracey
16) Tim Champlin
17) Charles Muste
18) Jim Wohfeil

I-96 Speedway Win To Kyle Simon

By Mudclodbob: Lake Odessa Mi. (8-11-06)-Covington Ohio's Kyle Simon won the 20 lap non-wing sprint car feature at I-96 Speedway Friday night. Simon was chased to the line by Bill Johnson, Mike Galajda, Greg Dalman and John Lowe.

20 cars lined up to take the green flag on this cool August evening. Just as the 1st lap was completed, Mark Broughman and Steve Irwin made contact coming out of turn two with Irwin spinning down the backstretch amid heavy traffic. Current point leader Mark Irwin made heavy contact with the disabled mount of Steve Irwin, retiring both cars with serious damage to both cars. The scramble also involved the number 8 of Tim Champlin. Luckily there were no injuries in this scary looking incident.

The red flag was thrown during the clean up period. After action resumed, Kyle Simon was leading with Jason Blonde making a charge into the 2nd spot and looking to be a contender until a yellow for Ryan Rule on lap 11.

During the caution, Blonde expirenced engine troubles and dropped out with the 33 car of Bill Johnson taking over 2nd. When the green came out again, it was Simon, Johnson, Greg Dalman, Mike Galajda and Broughman. On lap 13 Mike Galajda, making his first ever non-wing start, got around Dalman for 3rd.

The final seven laps went caution free with Kyle Simon taking the feature event.

1)Kyle Simon, 2)Bill Johnson, 3)Mike Galajda, 4)Greg Dalman, 5)John Lowe, 6)Jim Wohfeil, 7)Mark Broughman, 8)Mike Astrauskas, 9)Ernie Kuhnamen Jr., 10)Joe Irwin, 11)Tim Lowe, 12)Jim Heeney, 13)Ryan Ruhl, 14)Tyler Underwood, 15)Matt Heath, 16)Jason Blonde, 17)Nick Landon, 18)Steve Irwin, 19)Tim Champlin, 20)Mark Irwin

Heats were won by Jason Blonde, Greg Dalman and Kyle Simon. The B main went to Joe Irwin.

During the second heat, Joel Hummel brought out the yellow while at the same time the 22 of Aaron Shaffer and the 9 of Jim Heeney tangled with the 22 flipping wildly in turn three. There were no injuries.


Tim Lowe holds off Kyle Simon for the win at I-96.

Lowe took advantage of his outside front row starting spot, and quickly passed the pole sitter Jon Comment to take the lead on the tacky 1/4 mile. The only cautions of the night took place when Nick Landon and Wohlfield got together in turn 1 ending Landons night, and late in the race on lap 16 with Comment making contact with the back stretch guard rail wile battling Joe Irwin for 6th position. On the final restart Tim Lowe lead the field for the last 4 laps crossing the checkers first ahead of a hard charging Kyle Simon. Mark Irwin, Tim Champlin and Jim Heeney rounding out the top 5. The biggest mover of the race, Joe Irwin finished 6th after starting 13th in the main.

Heat winners were Mark Irwin taking heat 1 and Tim Lowe Grabbing the 2nd heat.

A Main Results (starting spot)
1. Tim Lowe (2)
2. Kyle Simon (3)
3. Mark Irwin (4)
4. Tim Champlin (7)
5. Jim Heeney (6)
6. Joe Irwin (13)
7. Jim Wohlfield (8)
8. Mike Astrauskas (11)
9. Kirk Cheney (5)
10. Andy teunessen (9)
11. Matt Krinzinger (12)
12. Jon Comment II (1)
13. Nick Landon (10)
14 Ken Quimby (DNS)
15. John Lowe (DNS)
16. Joel Hummel (DNS)

Results: Simon Wins at I-96

I-96 Speedway Non-Wing Sprints
1. Kyle Simon
2. Tim Champlin
3. Jim Wohlfeil

Results: Mark Irwin Tops I-96 Sprint Car Feature

From Bob Buffenbarger: After Tyler Underwood spun on the final circuit while leading, Mark Irwin captured the 20 lap feature for non-wing sprint cars at Lake Odessa Michigan's I-96 Speedway Friday night. Chasing Irwin were Nick Landon, Jason Blonde, Jim Heeney and Tyler Underwood.

A nice field of 20 non-wing sprint cars pulled into the pits tonight for 1/4 mile racing action.

Heat #1 was won by Bill Johnson, while Ernie Kuhnamen Jr. picked up the 2nd heat race.

The feature line up saw current points leader Mark Irwin start on the pole with Tyler Underwood outside of row one. At the green, Underwood jumped out to the lead with Mark Irwin in 2nd.

A lap 11 spin by Jon Comment II slowed action but the front of the field remained the same and Jason Blonde was moving up from his 10th starting spot.

Only 3 more laps were run under green when yellow flew for Comment's stalled mount on lap 13. The final caution came out on lap 15 for a Matt Krinzinger spin.

At the restart, Underwood remained in front and had extended his lead while Wayne Morrison and Blonde waged a duel in the late stages, and at the same time Nick Landon was using the top and bottom of the track to make his best run to date. As the white flag was in the air Underwood spun coming out of turn two but kept the car going and hung on for a heartbreaking 5th position finish.

Mark Irwin inherited the lead and took the checkers with Nick Landon making a strong run for 2nd, Jason Blonde 3rd, Jim Heeney 4th and Underwood 5th.

Feature Results

1)Mark Irwin Columbiaville,Mi
2)Nick Landon Dorr,Mi
3)Jason Blonde Litchfield,Mi
4)Jim Heeney Stockbridge,Mi
5)Tyler Underwood Jackson,MI
6)Wayne Morrison Sanford,Mi
7)Mike Astrauskas Pierson,Mi
8)Ernie Kuhnamen Jr.
9)Joe Irwin Davidson,Mi
10)Steve Irwin Columbiaville,Mi
11)Bill Johnson Linden,Mi
12)Mark Boyer Fremont,In
13)Kirk Cheney Hastings,Mi
14)Andy Teunessen Hastings,Mi
15)Tom Miller Fruitport,Mi
16)Matt Krinzinger Cedar Springs,Mi
17)Rocky LoPresto Hillsdale,Mi
18)Joel Hummel Nashville,Mi
19)Jon Comment II Waterloo,In
20)Mark Broughman Hillsdale,Mi

Results 6-9-06

By Bob Buffenbarger: Wayne Morrison scored his first ever non-wing sprint car feature win Friday night at Lake Odessa, Michigan's I-96 Speedway. Following Morrison across the stripe was Covington Ohio's Kyle Simon, Steve Irwin, Joe Irwin and Ernie Kuhnamen Jr.

Morrison started on the pole but did not have an easy run to the checkers during the 20 lap event on the 1/4 mile. The feature saw Andy Teunessen going pitside after an incident after one lap.

Kyle Simon and the number 18 of Mark Irwin put pressure on Morrison but Morrison held his line and kept the duo behind him.

A lap 11 tangle between Jim Heeny, Kirk Cheney and Ernie Kuhnamen Jr. bunched the field again and put several cars in contention for the lead.

After a lap 17 caution for Mark Irwin and Mike Astrauskas, Steve Irwin had moved up to the 3rd position and a three lap shootout was taking shape.

On the restart both S. Irwin and Simon closed the gap on Morrison and it looked like anyone's race, but Morrison was up to the task and held off all chargers and took the win.

Wayne Morrison also captured the 12 car heat race on a cold and breezy evening.

Feature Results

1)Wayne Morrison
2)Kyle Simon
3)Steve Irwin
4)Joe Irwin
5)Ernie Kuhnamen Jr.
6)Kirk Cheney
7)Mark Irwin
8)Mike Astrauskas
9)Joel Hummel
10)Nick Landon
11)Jim Heeny
12Andy Teunessen

Results 5-26-06

From Mudclodbob: Steve Irwin grabbed the non wing sprint car feature at I-96 Speedway's 1/4 mile track Friday night. Greg Dalman and Bill Johnson followed.

Rain hit the track after hot laps and looked as if the program miight be washed out. However, Mike Mouch went to work with the grader and pack vehicles and after a lengthy delay, the races pushed off.

A very patient crowd waited out the work and Mouch should should be commended for his work to get this show in the books.

16 sprint cars entered the pits with Bill Johnson taking the first heat win chased by Mark Irwin and Jim Heeney. The second heat was picked up by Steve Irwin followed by Erie Cudiman Jr. and Greg Dalman. The feature was won by Steve Irwin over Greg Dalman and Bill Johnson on a tacky racetrack.

Tonight legendary 74 year old supermodified and sprint car veteran, Wayne Landon competed in his final event as he was in Mike Mouch's sprint car and competed against his grandson.

Results 5-5-06

From TJ Buffenbarger: Mike Austraukas won the non-wing sprint car feature Friday night at the I-96 Speedway. Austraukas started on the front row and led every lap over Mark Irwin, Joe Irwin, Kirk Chaney, and Joel Hummell

A-Main: 1. Mike Austrakas, 2. Mark Irwin, 3. Joe Irwin, 4. Kirk Chaney, 5. Joel Hummell, 6. Andy Tuenessen
2006 I-96 Non-Wing sprint Banquet
(left to right)
Joe Irwin, Nick Landon, Ernie Kuhnamen,  Jim Heeney, Mark Irwin, Mike Astrauskas